Essential Oils for Natural Hair

Whether you’re only now making the transition to a natural hairstyle or have been showing off the beauty of your natural hair for years, keeping your tresses in the best of health is important to promoting manageable, gorgeous curls, twists and waves. Essential oils make a great addition to a naturalista’s hair care regimen, and they’re often a better choice than conventional store-bought hair care products that can be too harsh for the hair and scalp. Read on to discover how to incorporate essential oils in your regimen to help keep your natural hair looking great.

Dilution Is a Must

Essential oils are beneficial for the hair and scalp because they’re powerful, but the potent active compounds found in concentrated plant extracts can prove to be too much for the skin. That’s why you should never apply an essential oil without first diluting it with a carrier oil. At the same time, you don’t want to lose the benefits of the essential oil by diluting too much.

Which Essential Oils are Best?

A number of essential oils can be beneficial to condition and strengthen natural hair and promote a healthy scalp, including:

– Cedarwood oil

– Lavender oil

– Rosemary oil

– Peppermint oil

– Thyme oil

– Ylang ylang

The best carrier oils to combine with these essential oils include:

– Almond

– Grapeseed

– Jojoba

– Olive

– Rose hip

– Sesame

– Soybean

– Sweet almond